Thursday, March 17, 2005

No Italian Troop Withdrawal!

Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi was forced by Washington and London Wednesday to backtrack on his surprise announcement that Italian troops would start leaving Iraq in September. US President Bush and British Prime Minister Blair Wednesday reacted to Berlusconi's announcement by saying that no troop withdrawal from Iraq has been ordered and that the Italian leader would not act unilaterally.
The left-wing daily Il Manifesto said Berlusconi had flip-flopped throughout the day, with the final version of his remarks making it clear that for the moment "the start of the troop withdrawal announced with all solemnity on television was only a wish."
In a serious country the head of government cannot allow himself to make statements so ambiguous when it concerns the life and death of so many human beings," the paper said.
Source: Middle East Online

I believe that when the lives of so many citizens are in danger, and when the public opinion is involved, such a sudden flipping of an official statement that has been aired internationally is not a wise thing to do.

This whole war on Iraq is going no where, all I can see coming out of it is more bloodshed, terror, and innocent lives being jeopardized. No weapons of mass destruction, no more Saddam, why is there war till now? To fight terror? Terror is present as a reaction to the unfair actions and the unjustified presence of troops that are serving no goals!
I hope this war will finally stop, enough with the bloodshed!