Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Launch Of New Radio Stations in Amman

After the creation of the Audiovisual Commission (AVC) in 2002 and introduction of the Audio Visual Media Law, which eliminated public sector domination of the radio and TV industry, opening the door for private entrepreneurs, three new radio stations got their license and will soon start broadcasting in the Amman area, joining the Kingdom's five public and private FM stations already on the air.

AVC Director General signed three agreements granting the companies licence to start broadcasting on the FM frequency.
The first agreement, was signed with the owner of AmmanNet, Daoud Kuttab. The station will be focusing on local issues and community affairs including social, municipal, cultural, and sports issues in the capital.
The station, will not broadcast political programmes or news, he added.

The second agreement was signed with Arab Media Network Company Director Tareq Abu Lughod, licensing the company's radio station, Mazaj, which started experimental transmission yesterday. Sawt Al Ghad, the third new FM station, owned by the Jordan International Company for Transmission, started experimental transmission a week ago.

Source: Jordan Times