Tuesday, March 08, 2005


Inspired by And Far Away...
1. When it comes to cheating I’m a total loser. I was left in a closed office with my own books for 2 hours and still couldn’t have the courage to open the books and write the answers to my test!
2. I’m really good and creative at making up excuses :P
3. I faked being Miss Jordan once in Germany using a Burger King carton crown turned inside out (it wasn’t my idea though, it was my class’ and teacher’s idea).
4. I always complain when others drive fast, but I admit that I somehow find myself speeding up when I drive.
5. I’m easily affected by marketing ads :P
6. I’m extremely bad at geography, my teacher gave up hope on me when I marked Russia in the place of England on the test map :D
7. I love pampering myself, dropping me at a day spa is way much better than giving me a diamond.
8. I was known as: the "tearless" lady, but after I left my family, a song with warm melodies or touching lyrics is enough to make me cry even if I was in the middle of a festival (but I’m good at hiding my tears though).
9. Can’t concentrate on serious work or reading or homework if music’s playing.
10. Somehow people get the impression that I’m good as a nutrition advisor and keep asking me for ways to get the perfect weight, great part is: my advice always works :)
11. I can win the trust of people so easily, and I never betray them or hurt them even if they became my worst enemies... hmm, it's so hard for me to trust others.
12. I always manage to break my glasses one way or the other.
13. I hate doing anything to get attention or win competition.
14. This may shock many, but I hate reading, it takes me ages to end a book, UNLESS the book is health, environment, or religion- related or is about a real life incident :D