Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Collecting Plastic Waste

This is an ad I found on Tunisia's Daily Newspaper: "La Presse". For those who can't read Arabic, it says: now I can collect plastic bottles and win with "Net of Environment Friends".
"Net of Environment Friends" was first created in 2005 by the Ministry of Environment & Development to help minimize and prevent pollution caused by plastic waste in Tunisia. And this ad is a part of its campaign in collecting plastic bottles and containers from stores, buildings and homes.

Studies showed that in Tunisia alone, the number of plastic containers used for milk, water and Coke, is around 700 million, which is about 21000 tons of plastic. The studies also showed that the usage of glass bottles dropped from 30% in the nineties into 10% currently. On the other hand shopping stores prefer using plastic bags rather than replacing them with environment-friendly bags.

In efforts to minimize the fatal damages of pollution caused by plastic waste, local Tunisian associations and private organizations are doubling their efforts to launch more awareness campaigns and to come up with ideas that will urge citizens to help in collecting plastic waste for recycling purposes.
Other than TV spots, recycling locations spread all over the country, and the huge recyclable-waste containers implanted in many locations in Tunisia, municipalities were given financial aid that should support collecting campaigns. As a result, some cities announced that they would be giving certain amounts of money in exchange for plastic waste and others decided to make some kind of competition for kids & adults, where winners get interesting prizes.

I find this very impressive. This will sure help keep plastic waste under control, and later on, people will be prepared for reducing this kind of waste.

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