Friday, March 04, 2005

As Long As Respectful…

Just came across our friend Natasha’s post concerning the reactions to the Muslim girl who won the school dress case.
In her post she drew our attention to a post written by The Big Pharaoh on this subject and noted that what he wrote was really appealing, and more convincing than what Subzero Blue wrote.

Of course everyone is free to believe what they want to believe, and everyone is free to like or dislike whatever they choose, but after reading Big Pharaoh’s post, and the comments left there, I found myself starting out this post to clear out a main and very important point for the sake of all those who are easily mislead by sarcasm and who fall in the trap of “this is real freedom” strategy.

No offence, but I actually believe this whole Nudadism example fails to fit the comparison, because of one very important and basic concept Subzero Blue mentioned on his post: "I think everyone should be free to wear whatever they want to wear as long as it's respectful". Respectful being that what doesn't offend social values in general, not that of an individual.
Going out nude is far away from being compared to the lady’s case, because personally I believe that the act that offends the dignity and the freedom of society as a whole is no longer a personal privacy.
Having said all that, I’d like to point out that people wear coats that cover the whole body whenever they feel like it, just because what the lady asked to wear was defined as "islamic jilbab" doesn't mean it will harm society in any way! so it's not really worth all that fuss and destructive criticizing!!!

Britain did a very brave and fair step that I find very civilized, and would like to congratulate them for the courage of fulfilling real democracy and being fair to their own citizens. I really respect them for that and I just hate it when people make civilized steps look so wrong, and uncivilized ones look really impressive!

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