Monday, March 07, 2005

Arabic Bread

Dear fellow bloggers, I would like to proudly announce my success in achieving my nr.1 challenge away from the Middle East: Making Arabic Bread!

In Tunisia there are three kinds of bread used: baguette (French bread, which is their main used bread) and tabouna bread (which is somehow like Egyptian bread, a bit thicker) and Mlewi bread(kind of between Iranian bread and kmaj bread). They’re all great, very tasty, and I love them, but when I want to eat Middle Eastern food, the whole taste changes if the bread is not the normal fluffy Arabic bread.
I looked for places that sell Middle Eastern food, and found around 4 restaurants (all Lebanese) that sell that bread. Problem is it’s so damn expensive.
And since I love cooking, and adore homemade stuff, I decided to try baking my own Arabic bread at home. I knew it might end up as a total failure that could embarrass me and shock my husband, but still, I took the risk and baked it anyway.
It took me around 4 hours to have the dough perfectly prepared! But I’m telling you, it was worth every second of it. I enjoyed every bit of making it, and while baking, I sat in front of the oven just to make sure I wont miss watching the bread circles rise and puff up :)
The result: it was SO YUMMY!!! Just like the one I know in Jordan. Ah! I could eat and eat and eat nonstop!
I’m so happy…

Now my next challenge is: homemade labaneh! A creamy mixture between yogurt and cottage cheese. I know how to make laban (yogurt) and I made it here in Tunisia, but never tried to make labaneh, this weekend hopefully I’ll have the time to make labaneh! And I’ll let you know :)

By the way, if you’re reading this Jalan-Jalan, please tell me if you got the “makdous” recipe. I don’t know why it kept coming back to me all the time. But the last time I sent you the email I didn’t get it back. So please confirm you got it either by leaving a comment here or by emailing me.