Friday, March 25, 2005

12 Words That Describe Me The Most

Again, another great inspiration by Subzero Blue:
1.Impatient: I’m restless, hate waiting, can’t wait to solve a problem, or to see the results of my work, or to reach my goals. And when my patience runs out, I could get really nervous.
2.Talkative: yep, I talk a lot, but don’t worry, I know when to respect myself and stop :D
3.Self-Confident: I really don’t care what others think or say. I believe in who I am, whoever dislikes it can simply bite me ;)
4.Good Listener: people feel I’m so trustful that they open up to me from the 1st time.
5.Modest: I never show off, I consider myself a down- to-earth person, try to be as natural as possible. I can’t tolerate someone feeling less than me for any reason whatsoever.
6.Stubborn: I admit being very stubborn, it takes a lot of effort, patience and smartness to convince me of something I see wrong!
7.Threatening: don’t know why many people in different fields of life think I’m a threat to their own presence/performance, so they start challenging me and competing with me even though I’d be in a whole different world!
8.Hesitant: I hesitate a lot when I need to make a decision, I just have to think of everything, all side-effects, all consequences, even if the decision wasn’t that serious.
9.Loyal: no matter what happens, I can never ever betray someone or stab them in the back.
10.Independent: I just hate being dependant, I need to know how to do everything on my own, but if someone wants to help out or pamper me, they’re more than welcome.
11.Kind: I love helping others, defending the weak (when they’re right) and I’m generous to the extent that bothers my MMM ;)
12.Strong: thank God, I’m always strong even in the hardest times, I think it’s because I’m an optimist.