Thursday, February 24, 2005

Work Diaries (18): R U Drunk?!

I sent an email to one of our international branches with the subject: “URGENT: Shipment Cancelled”
And wrote: "I would like to inform you that our client CANCELLED the shipment ref. Nr……, so we no longer need you to proceed with shipping procedures.
I confirm herewith that cancellation of shipment is final, therefore you may use the goods for the benefit of other branches.
Your efforts are highly appreciated and we thank you for your cooperation.
Best regards,

3 hours later I get the following reply:
"No problem Eman, we’ll keep the goods on hold for your client till further notice from you in which you confirm the new shipping date".

I reply: "please, CANCEL! Do not postpone".

He replies: "postponing approved!! Didn’t you read my first reply?"

I reply: "I read it, did you read MY EMAIL!! IT SAYS CANCEL SHIPMENT FOR GOOD, NO FURTHER NOTICE, NO POSTPONING, just cancel the shipment PLEASE! we DON’T NEED IT ANYMORE! Got it!"

He replies: "yes, yes, now I got it, sorry for the misunderstanding".

5 minutes later, he sends an email to the airlines with cc to me saying: "please cancel shipment ref. Nr…, and postpone till further notice!"

I call him to see what’s his damn problem and he claims that my email wasn’t clear enough, then he asks ME: are you drunk?!