Monday, February 07, 2005

Work Diaries (17): where the hell is it?

2 weeks ago a client called and asked for an original document they claim they’ve mailed to us earlier. The document was highly important and it needed to be found as soon as possible for an urgent matter.
After the call:
Day 1: I checked all the folders in my office concerning this client, went to my boss, he checked his folders, asked me to double check his folders again, so I did, and after all the searching we ended up with one result: we didn’t have this document. I contacted the client and informed him we didn’t receive the document, their manger got upset, asked us to make sure we didn’t have it.
Day 2: I checked again, looked in all archives, nothing. I called, they insisted we got the document.
Day 3: I told my boss I’m fed up searching and searching when I’ve already searched and there was nothing. He asked me to LOOK AGAIN and make sure I find it.
Day 4: I called the client and checked if they were sure they sent it to us, they said it was us and there was no doubt about that.
Day 5: I looked in all folders, even those not related to this client in case the document was filed somewhere else by mistake… nothing, I called the client and told him to lose hope in finding it with us, he blamed our “ignorance” and got REALLY upset.
Day 6: I told my boss again that I’ve looked for the document everywhere, but I wont waste my time looking any more like an idiot when I know it’s not there. He simply said it was my responsibility (as usual) to find it, and I’ll have to find it wherever it was, and he didn't care how.
Day 7: I didn’t give a damn, kept working my usual work, didn’t look for the document.
Day 8: My boss came, asked if I found it, I told him I wasn’t looking in the first place, coz I looked enough, he got upset and asked me to look again.
Day 9: I contacted the client to make sure the address was correct, and he assured us it was correct.
Day 10, 11, 12: I worked my usual work, when my boss asked if I found it, I told him “I’m still looking” to get rid of him nagging on me all the time.
Day 13: I got really upset and called the client again to tell him there is no document with us, he replied: I’ll sue you all.
Day 14: I gave up hope, told my boss I wont keep pretending coz there is no document and I wont waste anyone’s time, so he can do whatever he wants, I was fed up of this whole story. He said nothing, gave me an upset face and went out of my office.

I call the client to explain that the document is not with us and the secretary of the manager tells me: Oh didn’t we call you to inform you that we made a mistake and that we sent it to another company, only your manager and the manager of the other company have the same first name?!!!

After expressing my really upset and angry feelings to her and her boss, I went to my boss, told him the story…he laughed.
I found nothing really funny, went upset to my office, found the cleaning lady there, and told her: "if I ever wonder about the unemployment percentage in our countries would you please do me a favor and throw me out of this window?!"