Tuesday, February 01, 2005


Today I went to the bank (one of the prestigious yet highly complicated in procedures) to check some work-related documents. The place was full, I had to wait for my turn. I was lucky enough to find a chair next to the cash-distributing ladies. There were two long queues, and although it’s not a habit of mine to stare at people while they withdraw money, yet my place forced me to at least overhear what’s going on.
While I was trying to keep myself busy checking some papers, I heard a guy begging the counter lady to allow him to withdraw more than the maximum limit for an emergency.

Lady: Can’t you see you’ve got only 100 Dinars left in your account? You can’t withdraw the whole amount!
Guy: Believe me it’s an emergency, I’ve been dealing with this bank for 3 years, never done anything wrong, I will put in some money as soon as possible, you should trust me.
Lady: Sorry, rules are rules, can’t do anything to help you.
Guy: Ok, let me talk to the manager and I’ll sign any kind of guarantee, I just need the money, it’s highly urgent!
Lady: Sorry, the boss does not involve himself in such issues.
Guy: Please, help me, I’m ready to do anything, anything at all…
Lady: Next please…

Man: I need to withdraw 2500 Dinars.
Lady2: your account has only 2300 Sir, you’ve been using your credit card a lot lately.
Man: Oh, I gave it to my wife to do some shopping, that explains everything.
Lady2: so how much would you like to withdraw?
Man: I guess I have no choice but withdraw the whole amount, you see I wanna buy stuff, really good quality.
Lady2: But you know our rules Sir, there should be…
Man: Seems like you don’t know who I am!
Lady2: You’ve been our client for 1 year, I know
Man: I can make you lose your job if I like, where is your manager?
(the lady calls the manager, he comes down, gets an explanation)
Manager: he wanted the whole amount you give it to him, you don’t even think twice about it.
Lady2: But the guarantees, our rules boss!!
Manager: They are not made for him. He’s a VIP. (he looks at the man) Ok Sir, you can go now, no worries about filling your account, consider this bank your own…

The guy in the next queue decided to benefit from the presence of the manager, he runs to him and explains the situation, the manager replies:if someone told you this bank is a charity institution, someone has made a BIG MISTAKE! Get out of the way son…