Monday, February 14, 2005

Run AquaCool... Run !

It’s so damn cold outside, extremely windy, raining like crazy, and the great part is: I DON’T HAVE MY UMBRELLA, neither a hat, nor a big scarf to protect myself from turning into a water-sponge! :(
How would I know! The weather was amazingly beautiful in the weekend! AH!
I don’t want to get sick :(

Anyway, if you are keeping yourself warm in a romantic restaurant surrounded with candle lights, red hearts, and the smiles of your loved one, and then you suddenly spot a “headless” black jacket running in the streets shouting “I HATE MY JOB”, don’t panic, that would be your one and only AquaCool making her way back home, and guess what! She’ll be 100% Aqua, and 500% COOL!

Now it’s time to RUN…wish me luck guys… and Happy Valentine’s Day to all those who celebrate it…