Monday, February 28, 2005

Nothing New: Palestinians Are Responsible!

As usual, Israel goes on and on with its violations with no one condemning its acts, instead, all international committees prefer watching, and asking Palestinians, the “terrorists”, the “occupiers”, to stick to ceasefire, and to “cooperate” with “peace-seeking” Israel!
Everybody watches while more innocent people, and harmless children are being killed for no reason. They watch, give warning speeches addressed to Palestinians, while Israel is getting away with its crimes against humanity, land, and religion.
Yes, when it comes to Israel, all choose to be passive watchers, they have no reasonable excuse to justify Israeli acts against Palestinians, so they wait till a Palestinian does something to defend his 10 year old boy, to protect his home, to save his little daughter and… the list goes on.

They all know, no human soul accepts to be humiliated, tortured, lied to, killed and raped over and over without doing anything. They know the time will come when Palestinians will ask the world to be fair, to see their misery, the misery caused by Israelis despite the ceasefire agreement, which seems to be maid for only Palestinians to stick to.

And then they call Palestinians: The Terrorists!
Following the suicide bombing outside a Tel Aviv beachfront nightclub on Friday Sharon said in his regular Cabinet meeting on Sunday: "While the state of Israel is interested in advancing toward a settlement with the Palestinians, there will be no diplomatic progress, no progress, until the Palestinians take strong action to eliminate the terrorist organizations and their infrastructures in the Palestinian Authority areas”CNN
Interested in advancing toward a settlement with the Palestinians? Am I missing something here? And WHAT DIPLOMATIC PROGRESS was he talking about?! I’m afraid my English dictionary became old and useless?! Yes, maybe shooting kids and killing innocent people is what a “settlement with the Palestinians” means! Maybe Israelis killing as much Palestinians as they desire while Palestinians keep their mouths shut and their eyes “wide open” welcoming every bullet in their heads and their children’s, is what “diplomatic Progress” is all about!
What the hell is wrong with the world! So now Palestinians are the ones who violated the ceasefire that was stupid and fake –from the side of Israel- from the very start! HELLO! The ceasefire was Israel’s biggest lie!!! You don’t have the right to condemn Palestinians after the shameless acts and obvious violations Israel started!!

What goes around comes around people, please stop making fools out of yourselves, and stop condemning Palestinians.
No one ever wants military operations or suicide bombing to be the way to get rights and protect land and property, so please don’t push people who are willing to cooperate into choosing that way!
Palestinians have been always the ones willing to cooperate, they tolerated and are tolerating all the shit they’re getting just to have peace… either grant them their wish, or at least be fair to them if you’re too weak to condemn Israel, but never put the blame on them, just because it’s easier that way!

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