Friday, February 04, 2005

Lesson Of The Day

“ There's a cure, either psychological or medical, for every addiction except for internet-addiction. I tell my kids: get over it by practicing your hobbies, they say: but surfing the net is a hobby. I tell them: don’t waste your time, go learn something. They reply: daddy, internet is knowledge we learn everything online. I tell them: this will ruin your social life, go meet friends, talk to people, they say: but daddy, we made new friends through the net, and we can chat with millions of people forever. I tell them go buy yourself something nice and get yourself busy, they say: don’t be ridiculous dad, we can buy whatever we like online and internet is keeping us busy. I tell them: ok, I can’t keep up with bills, they say: no problem dad, we can find an online job, or we can cut expenses by going to our friends’ place! I tell them: kids, your glasses are becoming thicker and thicker, your health is getting worse, they smile and say: get us more vitamins!
Nothing beats internet-addiction. I wonder whether any caring father, or loving mother, or internet-addiction-free scientist would ever consider inventing anti-internet pills before they get me addicted as well”
– a client.