Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Lately In Tunisia

Click pic for enlargement...

The weather has been really "unfriendly" this winter. It's been so cold and the wind seems to be pretty strong to blow a whole ship into the beaches of Hergla (a place close to Sousse), as the picture of the stranded ship above shows.
I got the picture from our friend Soly, who was able to get it from his friend Hela :)
If I had the cam with me in the office the other day I would've taken a picture which would have also helped show the effects of the extremely strong wind, which was able to rip off the lake's under-water- plants and drag them up to the surface forming some kind of little islands here and there that were immediately occupied by the cute seagulls before the wind drowned them back again!

The temperatures are still very low, it reached 3 degrees many times, which is -for Tunis-really cold.
We also had heavy rain, which was able to break down trees, cutting our electricity cables for a little while.
Some locations in the southern part of Tunisia witnessed even sand storms in their deserts, and on February 7th, the region of Sousse-Nabeul was hit twice by an earthquake, the first was 4.7 on Richter's scale, while the other was 5.1. Fortunately, unlike last year, Tunis wasn't the center of the quake, so we only got to feel a light turbulence, which felt as if one was a bit dizzy rather than being hit by an earthquake.

I hope the weather will get better and that nature will get back to its friendly mood very soon.