Thursday, February 17, 2005

If Palestinian, It’s A Threat!

As if the illegal separation wall is not enough, as if sniper towers that are given the green light to kill any Palestinian no matter how old they were and what they’re doing are not enough, as if Israeli checkpoints implanted everywhere are not already enough, Israel still needs more security procedures to protect their homes, which were once homes of Palestinians, on a land which was stolen from a hard working Palestinian who -thanks to the unconditioned and blind international support for Israel- was left with his family and many other families homeless living on the charity of others.

If children are Palestinians, they’re a threat, if homes belong to Palestinians, they’re a threat, if ambulances are driven by Palestinians, they’re a threat, if peace activists are pro Palestinians, or even only helping Palestinians, they’re also a threat! So bottom line is: anything, anyone, if Palestinian, it is a threat, that goes for everything, even trees, if they are on Palestinian land, THEY ARE A THREAT!

The Israeli defense minister Shaul Mofaz looks around, decides to build a home in a certain spot, and after he’s done, he finally decides to uproot the 25 m. away citrus trees of an old Palestinian widow claiming the trees "provide a hiding place for would-be attackers who can use them to carry out attacks". And Israel’s supreme court rules for the uprooting of the trees.
And just for the record, the woman herself wasn’t able to reach her own land with the trees because of the separation barrier! And still the court has no problem destroying the land and uprooting all its trees.

I just wonder, if Israelis don’t trust Palestinians and are still taking racist and unfair procedures to guarantee their own safety, why do they and the whole world expect the Palestinians to keep their mouths shut, and trust Israelis, although Israelis have already violated the ceasefire agreement reached after the Sharm Al Sheikh Summit!

This is so unfair, so unfair, SO UNFAIR!