Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Ceasefire! BULLSHIT!

Israeli occupation soldiers have shot and killed a Palestinian boy in downtown Hebron, alleging that he tried to attack soldiers with a sharp object.
Palestinian witnesses dispute the claim, testifying that soldiers stationed outside al-Ibrahimi Mosque in Hebron's Old Quarter murdered 13-year-old Sabri Fayiz Rajub in cold blood.
"The soldiers were shouting at the boy, and then shot him in the leg, however as he fell down and was shivering with pain, another soldier shot him in the chest, finishing him off. “It was cold-blooded murder," said Hilmi Jaabari, a witness. "I saw no knife, in fact, the boy never got that close to the soldiers. So how could he ever pose a real threat to them? But even if he had a knife, they could have dealt with him in any other way, other than killing him?"

Through the years, Israeli occupation soldiers have killed numerous Palestinian civilians, claiming the victims had tried to stab soldiers.
However, most of these claims were never independently verified and no investigations were undertaken.

Source: Aljazeera

As usual, the soldiers will get away with it with no sweat, and more crimes like this will keep taking place. And when one single Palestinian does something similar, Sharon will cancel this “so called” ceasefire and the situation will be even worse than it was before the summit!

Palestinians are being killed over and over and over, and what a coincidence, they’re all killed either by mistake or for defense! Another great coincidence is: the threat is coming from CHILDREN!