Monday, February 21, 2005

Beautifying Amman…

The Greater Amman Municipality (GAM) has recently set up a committee charged with making Amman a more beautiful city. In addition to combating illegal practices, the Amman Beautifying Committee is set to go into partnership with the private sector. GAM has also started a competition seeking to engage Amman residents in general, and the youth in particular, in efforts to make the capital a more beautiful place to live.
The award, entitled “Best Idea,” is a 14-month program where the best idea suggested each month receives a cash prize of JD500, in addition to a piece of sculpture based on various aspects of Amman's history.
More than 500 ideas were mailed to GAM during the last 3 months, offering simple ideas for improving the appearance of the capital. GAM officials in charge of the award program said the criteria for selecting winners is based on simplicity, the innovative aspect and low cost. The results of the competition were announced on Sunday.
Source: Jordan Times
I think this is a great idea that will really help Amman residents be constructive members of society and play a positive role in improving their city. I hope the competition will reach other cities in Jordan as well. And I hope all Arab countries do the same.