Friday, January 28, 2005

Work Diaries (16): business trip to UAE

I’ve been working really hard lately, and during my one year in my current job I’ve trained myself into various software applied by the company I work for. As I was told, I’ve been doing a great job :) so the manager in the mother company put my name on the list of employees to go for a business training in UAE which was supposed to take place last November. The trip is to give me a professional training in the software. My boss approved, and everything was fine. I was thrilled. I even thought I could convince my husband to get few days off so that we’d share this experience together. The trip was postponed till February, and I was asked to wait for a final confirmation to book my flight.

Yesterday, my boss comes to me and says:
Boss: Please book me a flight to UAE next week, I’m going for a business trip.
Eman: Consider it done. How long are you going to stay?
Boss: Well you know, a week, till the training is complete. Remember! The software training you were going to?
Eman: Yes, I do, it was supposed to be in February as well.
(my brain started functioning: GOD!!!!)
Boss: Yep, it is your course!
(talking to myself: I HATE YOU)
Eman: But… the training is for the software I’m working at, you don’t use it and..
Boss: Eman, they’ll train me, I’ll meet up with some old friends, have some good time, come back here, and train you what they trained me!
(OH I HATE YOU! You go, have fun, get all the nice part of the story, and I DO ALL THE WORK TRAPPED IN THIS OFFICE, NO SIR I wont let you go with it, I will speak up this time, this is so unfair)
Eman: NO! ….. no need to worry about anything sir. I wish you a nice trip.
(and I’ll probably go KILL MYSELF)