Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Tsunami Rumors In Dubai

Panic was created yesterday when rumors of a tsunami hitting Dubai were spread by some residents.
Waves in Dubai and Sharqa beaches reached 2.46 meters high, while water levels in the sea reached the height of 1.3 meters.
According to eyewitnesses, Dubai police asked people to stay away from the “corniche” in the morning and warned people from standing near the site in an effort to contain the excitement.
"I have been in Dubai since the past 11 years and have never seen waves this high before. The police came in at around nine in the morning and warned us all to get away from the corniche as the water was spilling onto the pavement and roads," an eyewitness said. "We all started moving away quickly once we saw the water coming."

4 workers on “The Palm” island project were thrown away by waves, three made it to the beach, and the fourth is still missing.

Responsible people explained what happened as a natural result caused by high speed of wind, and assure citizens that it has nothing to do with the Tsunami disaster.

Source: CNN and Khaleej Times