Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Jordan Bans The Use Of PetCoke

The Environment Ministry in Jordan decided to prevent the Jordan Cement Factories Company from using petcoke in cement production. The Jordan Cement Factories Company decided to use petcoke as a cheaper substitute for fuel oil to increase its production of cement. Petcoke, considered a cheap source of energy, is made from petrol residues and contains heavy metals such as lead, nickel and mercury.
Local environmentalists say the use of petcoke causes respiratory allergies and cancer, while its environmental consequences include acid rain that will destroy the environment.

I know many Fuheis residents who were constantly complaining about the cement factory and its negative effect on their health and their land and were protesting against the use of such toxics. I’m truly happy such a step was taken to improve the environmental situation in Fuheis. Fuheis is one of the nicest places in Jordan…

Via: 4eco
Source: The Jordan Times