Monday, January 10, 2005

A Happy Note :)

Despite all the work pressure I have, and regardless of the fact that I just couldn’t sleep last night. I started my day with a big smile, because today is a very special day. In case you’re wondering why, the reason is that today is the first day for my husband in his new office. The company my husband works with moved its headquarters to be only one building away from my office :)
We had lunch together today, something we weren’t able to do for so long because of the distance and the traffic jam. And then we took a walk around the place and I introduced him to “my work neighborhood” :) So from now on, we can have lunch together whenever we want, and I wont have to wait ages for him to come home after work, because the area we work at now is only 10 minutes away from our home.

I’m so excited and wish he’ll be happy with the new place.

Ah, I’m really happy… THANK YOU GOD!