Wednesday, January 19, 2005

A Great Start :)

Today is simply great, and I thank God for that…
In the morning my husband and I went to the customs to pick a luggage my parents sent me from Jordan, as they always do in this time of the year: Eid Al Adha.
They sent us gifts, some home decoration stuff, clothes, middle eastern food supplies (yes sahlab was included) and MA3MOUL! YIPPIEEEEE!
We have ma3mouuuul :) God I miss it!
But most important of all mom sent me her home-made chocolate! YES! Also a sheep shaped big one :)
It took us 2 hours to get our luggage, but it was worth every second :)

Also the weather is great (for staying at home that is ) it’s freezing, windy and raining with hail (or barad as we call it, or tabrouri as they call it in Tunis) occasionally. The lightning and thunder are so strong that the car alarms go off every few minutes :P
Ah, I feel like relaxing at home… this weather is perfect for watching TV at home.

But you know, I can’t stop thinking of other homeless and poor people. I mean we can afford the rent, we have central heating, and still we feel winter cold, what about them? How are they surviving winter?
The only way for them to survive is to help them as much as we can. Give away some money, a sweater, some food, an old pair of shoes, anything at all. I know many people who have clothes that weren’t taken out from closets for more than 2 years, why store them when they can warm up someone in need!
We must always put ourselves in their shoes. Be good and caring, and I’m sure anything would help.