Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Father & Son Single

Last night I had the chance to watch the video clip of Ronan Keating's single: Father & Son Featuring Yusuf Islam.
I know it was released in December, but I only saw it last night and I must say it was BEAUTIFUL! I was so touched to see Yusuf Islam singing his song with Ronan Keating. It sounded out of this world.
I've always loved and admired Yusuf Islam as a singer and a person, and I just love the voice and respectful style of Ronan. Both made an incredible appearance that gave the song a whole new depth.
It was really touching! I LOVED IT!
Here is an interview with the great Yusuf Islam about the single and his appearance in Ronan Keating's video clip.
And this is Yusuf Islam's website. A great website that reveals the talent and the heart of Yusuf Islam, the singer, and the person...