Thursday, January 13, 2005

“Check Your Art Sense!”

After some garbage men accidentally burnt an artwork, which they mistook for trash, Frankfurt's Städel Museum has decided that they need to hone their art-appreciation skills and attend art lessons…

What appeared to be nothing but a yellow plastic object that should be burnt, turned out to be a sculpture and part of an ongoing art exhibition by Michael Beutler, a graduate of the city's prestigious Städel Museum. The show involved a total of ten sculptures made of yellow wood and cement that were distributed over the city.

The museum said it wanted to hone the appreciation and understanding of art among the city's sanitation officials. Therefore, the museum will invite the garbage collectors to learn a few artsy pointers once a month under the motto "Check your Art Sense!".

During the first class, which takes place on Jan. 16, the museum plans to place a largely unknown painting from its storage room in front of a famous one that's currently displayed in its ongoing public exhibition.

Source: DW-World