Monday, January 24, 2005

Bravo Arabic Music Channels

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I've been in a state of shock, disgust and shame ever since these new so called video-clips have been showing on our Arab satellite music channels promoting cheap meanings and extremely inappropriate social "values".
Naked bodies of both women and men; very rude facial expressions that include animalistic licking, lip biting; explicit erotic body movements such as crawling, touching, and last but not least: stripping! Not to forget the unbelievably low class and provocative lyrics that express sick mentalities and cheap environment!

People like Maria, Aziz Abdu, Bussi Samir, Gharam, Jad Shweiri, Marwa, Najla, and many others that I lost hope in memorizing their names, are nothing but a disgrace to any society that respects human dignity.
Actually one of them: Jad Shweiri, has really good taste in music, and has talent in directing, but unfortunately he's going down with his video-clip themes, and if he goes on that way, he'll never make it to success.
Other than him, I find others to lack even the basic elements of art. They're SO BAD! But thinking of it seriously, one gets to an even worse fact: these people are selected and hosted by satellite music channelswhich pick the artist and await the reaction of the viewers. And when the viewers enjoy such cheap work and encourage the talent-lacking individuals, then why would channels stop showing them as long as they're gaining the maximum profit?!!
Yes, unfortunately TV channels don't care about the quality of work represented, they have only one main concern: quantity of money coming in.
And after all, those so called artists are nothing but people who come from our societies, which leads us to the worst conclusion: it's us the friends, the families, the teachers, the employers and the consultants who make these shameful schemes!

I don't think anyone raised well, anyone surrounded with mature caring friends would ever consider showing off their body in this humiliating way, or lay naked with nothing but a piece of cloth surrounding their butts!
I don't think anyone who's got a helping hand and someone to listen would ever consider rubbing their half-naked bodies against the wall, or bathe almost naked in the middle of the desert.I don't think any responsible person would ever allow a girl -who's good at nothing but licking lollipops and showing her breasts- to be shown on their channels to be an "idol" to all teenage students encouraging them to go to school looking for sexual relationships and scandals, rather than education!
I don't believe any sane person would ever allow really wrong lyrics to be sung in front of millions of people, calling for the satisfaction of animal instincts and sexual desires!
This is nonsense! And I must admit the Arab music channels have gone where no other channels have been!
Congratulations for spoiling the young generations, thank you for misleading everyone, because of you, non-Arab cultures think we're good at nothing but sex, shaking butts and getting naked!
Media is responsibility, and seems you get this fact pretty good! Well done!