Friday, December 10, 2004

What Israeli Soldiers Do!

They “protect” Israel. Let’s take a close look at HOW they do it:
They kill for fun, they kill children, seems like they ENJOY killing children, or perhaps they just LOVE killing children. They also find it amusing to throw innocent children in prison, humiliate people, and attack Palestinian civilians.
They don’t only kill Palestinians, they also kill peace activists, and more peace activists. You know, seems like Israeli soldiers are ALLERGIC to peace activists. This is without counting the many journalists from different nationalities who were killed by Israeli soldiers!

Oh, leaders, leaders, leaders! They just LOVE assassinating them! If they don’t kill them like they did with Rantisi and Sheikh Yaseen, they’d isolate them and leave them to suffer, like they did to Yasser Arafat.
They’re multi talented. Other than killing, they’re pros in destroying neighborhoods, and demolishing homes. They even attack schools.
To Israeli soldiers, scattering families is a common practice. They also destroy land, love mass arrests, and can’t resist committing war crimes… not to forget their creative wall!

They are protecting Israel in the most peaceful, legal and positive way indeed! And they’ll go on this way coz there is no one to stop them, and because they convinced the whole world that Palestinians, the ones being killed, tortured, humiliated, imprisoned, thrown out of their homes, out of their neighborhoods, out of their land, out of their country… Palestinians, yes, “Palestinians are the terrorists”!
But a day will come, when the whole world will see that Palestinians are innocent, they’re victims, not terrorists!

God protect you Palestine, and may God be with and stand by all Palestinians every step of the way...