Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Walking In The Rain

It’s been really cold the past few days. Going outside my home is a nightmare. It’s really windy, and I feel my whole face is about to break like ice! And no matter what I wear, I always feel cold :(
Anyway, I try to keep myself warm by drinking a lot of hot drinks, mostly Coffee and “Sahlab”. “Sahlab” is a drink that tastes somehow like a milk desert! It’s white, and tastes so out of this world. It’s served with drops of coconut and a bit of cinnamon topping :) It’s well known in the Middle East, and I bought the material with me from Jordan, but I ran out of it. The last “Sahlab” drink I had was last night :(
As usual, my appetite goes crazy in cold days, so basically my life these days revolves around eating and drinking a lot of caffeine, which by the way has no effect on me anymore. Not to forget the loads of work I have to do… aaah, don’t wanna even think of this! It’s the year's closing, and seems like employers remember EVERYTHING in the last week of December!

I remember last year I was sick I thought I’ll never recover anymore, but the reason was that I had to go for my French course after work, meaning a lot of effort, and little rest, which really destroyed my immune system and turned me into an easy catch for the many diseases of the hundreds of people I meet daily at work, in the bus, in the institute and while visiting!
This year, thank God, it’s better. I still work a lot, but it’s all between my job, home, and my in-laws’ place. So no big chance of catching illnesses like last year. But still, the weather is so cold, and humidity makes a 9 degrees weather feel like –9 !
I hope my family in Jordan are fine, I know it’s cold there too… just wonder how my bro & sis in Canada are managing to live with winter in their part of the world!

Ok,let me get back to work. Hope all of you are in great health and are not suffering from cold as much as I am :P
And let’s just hope my umbrella will be strong and brave enough to keep open against the heavy rain and the terribly strong winds…