Tuesday, December 07, 2004

On Islam II

This is the second article of Stern.de, it’s called A religion under suspicion. It’s a bit more neutral towards Islam. But still, it’s somehow limited to personal experiences of people who are not happy with their Religion, Islam. Again, I always encourage mentioning all point of views, whether positive or negative. But when it comes to Islam, I’ve noticed that the discussion revolves around the negative opinions mostly. And what I’m doing here is an attempt to change that and a chance to list the positive opinions as well.
  • “The fear of the Muslims living here (in Germany) grows bigger with every assassination attempt by Islamic fundamentalists”… I totally understand such a reaction, but why do Muslims have to understand such sentiments and yet be blamed for having a problem in accepting the west when most of what Muslims see is the torture of Iraqis, the monstrous treatment of the Guantanamo prisoners, the unfair treatment of Arab students and passengers in the west!
  • They mentioned some personal stories and statements of people who are from Turkish origins, one caught my attention. It’s the statement of a girl who is recalling her headscarf “hijab” experience. She said: “I remember how I cried when I was forced to wear hijab. I was a kid but they treated me as a woman. They always say Hijab preserves innocence, I believe it labels little girls as sex objects”… Again, it’s so wrong and biased to quote only negative opinions, specially if the links are made to provide information about Islam. Anyway, I know what people think of hijab, and a small post can’t refer to all reasons of wearing hijab. Let me limit my comment to noting that there’s a timing for hijab, Islam doesn’t force little girls to wear it. Also when it’s time, conversation is a must. She has to know the reasons and be well prepared, and the way to convince her must be kind and loving.
  • Commenting on the same little girl story: “If this girl were a German cow instead of a German kid, she would’ve been protected from Islam’s influence. Although the Federal Constitutional Court approved the slaughter of sheep for Muslims, cows are excluded”… so Islam’s influence is a threat? And it is wished that the girl would’ve been a COW to be protected?! And then they pretend to be neutral and fair! Even if we disagree with the father forcing his little daughter to wear hijab, that’s not enough for us to misjudge Islam and start posting information on the net about its “influence”, this is really unprofessional!
  • “Usually it is violence that reminds the Germans of the fact that over three million Muslims live here”… why is that? Are Muslims good for nothing but fitting this bad picture spread about them? Don’t they invent? Don’t they work? Don’t they pay taxes? Don’t they teach? Don’t they buy? Don’t they sell? Don’t they produce? Don’t they help in any way? Aren’t they neighbors? Aren’t they friend? Aren’t they employers and employees playing their role in building a healthy society?
    I think it’s so unfair to forget all good things of people and remember only the bad acts of some who do not represent them in any way!
Again, I hope any references would be fair and neutral enough to mention both negative and positive opinions, to quote both fundamentalist and moderate Muslims, tell the story of those who love and those who hate Islam. Let history, facts, and minds have a fair discussion to defend this religion.
And on a side note for all non-Muslims and Muslims who have negative feelings towards Islam: learn about the religion, pick the right and responsible references. If you think Islam is that bad, and if you believe Islam is the worst religion, then why waste your time mocking it, fighting it, and criticizing it. Save yourself the efforts and be whatever you want to be. No one is forcing you to become Muslim. Lead a happy successful life, and leave Muslims lead their happy successful lives too.