Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Having A Baby Changes Everything...

All of us know that having a baby changes everything in the life of the parents. Some look at it as a positive change that will help stabilize the family and enhance marriage, whereas others fear that change, considering the responsibility a threat to their life, free time, and love.
I personally think that having a baby could be both positive and negative. It all depends on the timing. And for a couple to reach the right time for a baby, they must be ready to handle the challenge of having a kid. And being ready means reaching a very advanced level of love, trust, maturity and understanding that will make the couple feel secure and stable regardless of any other circumstances. When they reach that level, they'll consider their baby a gift from God, and will feel their life being blessed. They might cry at times, get tired some nights, feel old some days, but in the end of the day, they know, it's worth it. They know, nothing beats a true smile of their own child or a loving look from their baby's innocent eyes. They know, they'll do the impossible just to be there for him all the way as he grows...

Johnson & Johnson's "Having a Baby Changes Everything" advertising campaign has succeeded in providing truly adorable ads that convey a very beautiful message: Before having a baby, you are the center of your universe. Then you have a baby. And the center of your universe moves from you to your baby.
The ads are worth watching. Check them out here! :)
Via: The Journey Starts Here