Monday, December 27, 2004

The Deadly Tsunamis

Thousands of people, both citizens and tourists have died because of an earthquake that hit the coasts of the Indonesian Island “Sumatra” resulting in very powerful Tsunamis that hit not only Indonesia but also India, Sri Lanka, Thailand and other neighboring countries. The earthquake is considered the strongest to take place in 40 years.

Besides the huge number of deaths, the Tsunamis left thousands dangerously injured and caused hundreds of thousands to lose their homes.
Many people are missing. And efforts are still eager to save the ones left to be saved and find the many reported missing people.
Other than the loss in souls and property, disease has a big chance of spreading!

The news broke so many hearts, those who lost loved ones and those who simply felt the size of this natural disaster. Many “after shots” are expected, mostly somehow as strong as the first. More tsunamis are also likely to form, but not as high and strong as the first ones… hopefully.

Let’s all pray things wont get worse, and the situation will remain under control.

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