Tuesday, December 14, 2004

A Day In My Life… “Youm Fi Hayati”

Is a wonderful program I watched on Dubai TV last week. The program can be considered a type of reality programs, a very successful one, and better than many of the silly ones offered to watch people do nothing useful.

“Youm Fi Hayati” as it’s called in Arabic, is presented by the Egyptian Mariam Ameen, and teaches people to respect each others careers, lives, abilities or even disabilities.

There are 4 participants in each episode. They’re divided into 2 groups of two. In each group, one of the participants lives the life of the other with all its details for 2 days, yes, whole 48 hours. This offers the participant the chance to know how the life of his partner in the team goes, what difficulties he/she faces, and how he/she manages.
Of course not all participants succeed in adapting to the life of the other, and this is decided by the audience, who watch the filming of those 48 hours.
The program is so touching, it makes people know what it’s like to be someone else, makes people thank God for what they’ve got, and work harder to become better. It’s truly moving and a lot of emotions are involved.
Last episode, a famous journalist had to live the life of an amazingly talented disabled man from UAE. The journalist had to use the wheelchair, was prohibited to use his feet and had to go through the other’s whole life, from his job, to his leisure time hobbies, to his social relationships, everything. It was amazing and sooooo touching!
And the other participant, a Saudi student had to live the life of a Lebanese man who has a bee farm and is responsible for honey production. It was hilarious, specially with those many bee bites, ouch! ;)

I just love programs that serve a humanitarian goal!

You can watch it on Dubai TV every Tuesday at 22: 30 UAE Time (18:30 GMT). Don’t miss it!