Thursday, December 23, 2004


These days I have unbelievable work pressure. Not to forget that my husband and I are having the BUSIEST week EVER.
So we’re not getting enough sleep. We’re working very hard, and we barely have time to eat.
As if that’s not enough, today I woke up with a very weird phenomena. My right hand is as cold as ice, while my left hand is like a burning hell.
Being right-handed, it’s getting on my nerves to use my freezing hand. While typing for example I have to stop every 2 minutes to blow warm air into my right hand, or put it in my suit pocket, or rub both my hands together. Meanwhile, I try to do the opposite to my warm left hand in an attempt to cool it down.

Apparently all my attempts have failed. And I also have no explanation to this. If any of you experienced this before, or have an idea about the causes, please let me know.

I just hate this! Hope it wont last any longer :(

Ah, gotta get back to work…