Monday, November 01, 2004

Work Diaries (11): breaking the record!

Today is November 1st, a day to remember, because today I BROKE THE RECORD! Yes, just like today, one year ago, I went for my first day of work in my current job. It means, I’ve been working for this company for a whole year, which is the longest work period I’ve ever had up till now :) In Jordan, I had 3 jobs, the last two were the longest, 9 months each. And I would’ve most probably stayed for as long as it takes in my last job if I wasn’t leaving the country.
In Tunisia, and before I completed my first year of residency, I found a job, but after getting my first month’s salary the work stopped for budget problems, leaving me “jobless” again. 4 months later I got this job. So far, so good. It’s tiring, stressing and not related to what I usually love doing, but I thank God for it.
This job I have now is really weird, as stressing as it is, it’s been offering me so many chances to have fun. I’ve been invited to so many great events, I’ve been introduced to so many interesting people, and to be honest, I must admit that with all his nagging and his difficult work moods, my boss is considered one of the very respectful and helpful managers.

Work helped me develop a clearer picture of the Tunisian culture, and introduced me to so many details that I would’ve never known if I didn’t have a daily contact with different kinds of the Tunisian people.
Sometimes I just wish I’d be home relaxing, taking care of our home, and getting enough sleep. But then I say, this is the age of exhaustion, if people don’t get tired when they’re young, how would they survive their old age?! I have to play a positive role in building our future, as long as there are no other bigger and more important responsibilities for me to handle, such as children for example. So I always say, let me do my best, before I have something bigger to take care of .
As for my personality, there’s no doubt that I became stronger now that I have a job. Each day brings me new challenges and offers me more surprises. Each day is an adventure. I didn’t know Tunisia, and I had no friends, I was so lonely and felt my life is being wasted with me sitting doing nothing. But I never gave up hope, and I took a decision to succeed wherever I am. Because a successful person is successful regardless of the surroundings.
Being the only employee (along with the cleaning woman who comes 3 times a week) with the boss showing up occasionally, I must say that I always feel lonely. Not to mention the sad fact that our company has very strict regulations leaving me no chance to check my email, or surf any entertaining or shopping websites. But thank God I can always blog… for the time being that is :P And with the piles of files I have every day, blogging is not that easy! But I force myself to take breaks every now and then.

Having no one in the office to celebrate my 1st year work anniversary, doesn’t mean I will miss this occasion, I’ll celebrate with my dear husband :)
Anyway, I just hope my new year at work will be better, and that a miracle will happen to make me love what I do now, or else I’ll have to find another job where I can break this new 1-year- record ;) Wish me luck…