Tuesday, November 09, 2004


This is simply BEAUTIFUL. A great Islamic RAP song, yes, rap song, and in Flash animation too. I was waiting for the English and French versions to be ready to guarantee all of you will understand the song.
The song is called: “Dear Sister”, by Ammar. The song is to support all Muslim sisters out there who are going through very difficult times and facing so much trouble for sticking to their religion and its instructions.

Don’t waste more time, check it out NOW and spread the word, you’ll find 2 choices for each version. The High is for DSL and ISDN, with high sound quality (3,4 MB); and the Low for Modem and ISDN, low sound quality (1,8 MB).

To download the song you can go to Ammar’s official website.

Bravo Ammar, you ROCK!