Tuesday, November 02, 2004

November 2nd… Monia’s Day

While the whole world is excitingly waiting for the results of the US elections to be announced today, I’m here in my office thinking of my little sis Monia who will be celebrating her birthday today November 2nd. Yes, Amani & Monia have their birthdays so close to each other.
It's true I was a kid when Monia was born, but I still remember her cute baby face, and when she got a bit older I remember her cute blonde curled hair, and her big green eyes. They tell me I got really jealous of her when she was born coz she took all the attention from me. How selfish a kid I was :P I think my sis Amani was the only one among us who never felt jealous when any of us was born. She’s great. And well, why feel jealous if she’s got the looks and the spirits that could keep all eyes rolling around her!

My dear Monia graduated from University of Jordan (Industrial Engineering) last semester, and is still looking for a job. I keep telling her not to rush things, she’ll regret these lazy days she’s enjoying now :D I really wish her the best of luck in her life, she deserves it. Such a kind loving heart.
I miss hanging out with her so much. Unlike her serious looks, Monia is a person with a great sense of humor. With her smile, straight from the heart, she makes anyone’s day. I really miss her.
When I went to Jordan I tried to catch up with her and make up for the time we spent apart, but I still feel I didn’t spend enough time neither with her nor with anyone else.

I wish her a happy birthday, and hope that this year will be the start of so many happy events in all fields of her life. She deserves it, she’s such a beautiful person inside out.
Happy Birthday Monni and 3o2bal 100 saneh :)

God I hate being away from my family…