Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Leave Muslims Alone!

Right this second, right in front of me, I’m witnessing a very humiliating scene to all Muslims.
Opposite to our building is an embassy, people are all silent, staring at a circle of security men surrounding a woman. They took her to a corner outside the embassy. One is bombarding her with questions, the other is looking around her suspiciously, while the rest are smiling at the embassy employees, and visitors to make sure they’re all satisfied.
What’s the big deal? Nothing, just a request from a couple who came to pick their visa from the embassy, and asked the guards to “keep that thing away”… with “thing” they were addressing a Muslim woman, who was guilty of wearing a headscarf.
The story is being told all over the building, some are complaining, some are swearing, some are giving stupid excuses, and some, like me, might be writing about it now. That’s the best we decided to do.
Did anyone help? Did anyone interfere? Nope, no one, including me. We got used to be humiliated, we got used to seeing injustice, we got used to be afraid. Afraid because we’re separated, we’re not one unit, fear has invaded our souls, our minds and our hearts.
How humiliating!
It’s such a shame, to see these things happening, and I’m pretty sure they’re happening each and every day whether we know of them or not. It’s such a shame to see our brothers and sisters in Iraq and Palestine being killed and humiliated and tortured in front of all people of the world, and we still follow some cheap media lies about “Islamic terrorism” threatening the world.
Why is it so easy to follow lies, to spread rumors and believe some claims we never witness, while we find it so difficult to allow ourselves to react correctly and positively to facts we’re experiencing on personal, national, and international levels?

I really wish people will leave Muslims alone. Enough with the “terrorist” nonsense. FOCUS on the facts. Focus on rescuing what’s left to be rescued, focus on solving root problems.
Wherever I click, there’s an article about Abu Mus’ab Al Zarqawi, hostages in Iraq, Taliban, or , or , or. But no trace of Iraqis being tortured, no more articles about Palestinian homes being destroyed.
As stupid and blind as people may get, there’ll always be some to remind them of the awful acts taking place and open their eyes to the real injustice.
As for now, all I can do is ask you all to please think twice before saying anything, think twice before you spread claims and market some expressions that will make things even worse.
And please… leave Muslims alone!