Wednesday, November 03, 2004

It’s Winter Already

I can say that winter in Tunis started officially –and finally- last night.
It’s raining, weather is pretty cold, and the sky is cloudy. Ah I missed winter. A great saying I usually remember every winter is: “in winter people are cleaner, they don’t smell, and they all look more elegant because of the jackets”, this is what my sisters used to point out in the beginning of every winter :)
Yet the problem in winter is this overall lazy atmosphere, the increased car accidents, floods in some parts of the world, and last but not least, my powerful urge to EAT :D
It’s not weight I care about, never cared about this actually, because to me the person is valued with his/her deeds and character, and the value makes me see them attractive or not. It never was looks. And whoever evaluates me through my looks is a shallow person to me.
Anyway, again, the problem in me loving to eat is that I feel like eating those meals that need long time to be prepared. And I don’t have much time, so I have to wait for weekends to cook what I really feel like eating, but in weekends I feel like being lazy after a busy week of hard work and stress. But I always manage somehow :D.
I love winter, as cold as it is, I consider winter to be a “warm” season, coz it adds a tasty flavor to homes and staying at them.

Today, I’m starving, but well, at least I know I’ll be eating what I want in around 4 hours, unlike the poor people who will be smelling delicious smells from our kitchens wishing they can have a bite. The problem is, no matter how much we try to help, the world is full of poor people that we don’t know they even exist. And I thank God for Ramadan, besides all its health related benefits, its spiritual value, and its psychological positive effect on the poor people, it really awakens our conscious and reminds the ignorant of the forgotten poor people. Isn’t Ramadan such a bless!