Thursday, November 04, 2004

Bush Re-Elected!

So Bush it is. Wont act shocked, him being one of the candidates already prepared us to the fact that we might face more 4 years of “democracy”, “war on terror”, and “freedom”.
I wont go on listing the consequences of this election, we all lived it the past 4 years, we already know the scenario. So I haven’t got much to say in this regard. I will certainly be affected, just like the whole world would, but unfortunately I didn’t have the chance to make things different, I don’t have the right to vote. But I would like to congratulate all those who had that right and used it to vote for Bush… Congratulations on a decision you took, a choice you made. One of the reasons you chose him is his “ impressive success in his war on terror”, I wonder if you really care about your sons and the youth of your country! Because your Bush seems to be planning for a bigger show, “war on terror 2”, “war on terror 3”…. And he will definitely need more and more American blood to fill the spaces.
Did you ever think of that! Or is the lives of thousands of Americans worth nothing to you!

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