Friday, November 26, 2004

Bank For Her!

A study shows 80 percent of women feel they are not taken seriously by big banks, which are still predominately male institutions. On the other hand Women often have different needs and interests than men do when it comes to financial matters. From that point, and applying the philosophy of Virginia Woolf who wrote:” if a woman is to succeed, she needs money and a room of her own”; some women in Munich are applying starting a bank by and for women.
At the Frauenbank, or Women’s Bank, women will get counseling about investments, retirement plans, savings and other financial tools will be done by female professionals, who understand the special needs of women, many of whom feel uncomfortable or underserved in traditional financial institutions. More...

I don’t think it’s a wise thing to do. A woman must prove herself in normal places beside the man and be up to all challenges coming her way. Yet I do believe that there are some places which will work better for women were they limited to females only, again, not because of the fear of underestimation, but because they’ll be more comfortable, such as women spas and beauty centers for example.