Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Are They Sports?

Last night we were watching “Rocky”, apart of the movie being an extremely exciting one till this very day, it always reminds me of my opinion concerning “sports” such as Boxing.
I never really considered Boxing to be a sport. Just like I never was convinced of the idea of Formula 1, wrestling, motor bike/ cart racing, to be kinds of sports.
To me a sport is an extremely healthy and environment-friendly activity. And I can’t see anything healthy in breaking someone’s teeth, or smashing their skulls, or lifting them up in your arms just to throw them on the ground as strong as you can!
I see nothing environment-friendly in pumping out toxic gas and crashing a speeding car causing fatal injuries!
I really don’t know, they might be fun to watch, but when it comes to me, I’ll never ever consider any of them sports.