Monday, November 01, 2004

Amani’s Birthday

Yesterday was my beautiful sister Amani’s birthday. I was so unlucky I couldn’t meet her when I visited Jordan as she and her family moved to Canada.
This is her first Birthday away from family, I wish somehow we’ll gather and it will be the last time I miss their birthdays.
When my brother came for his 3 day visit to Tunis, he told me that Amani is handling her new life and her new environment so bravely. I was so proud to hear that. I know it’s so difficult for her and her husband to start over a whole new life, find a new home, find new jobs and make new friends. Not to forget their 2 adorable kids who can keep all Canada busy :) But Amani and Ahmad are brave enough to succeed, and I’m so happy for them.
I miss her like hell. In Jordan I avoided passing by their home, and during my 3 weeks stay, I didn’t step into their whole neighborhood. I was afraid I’ll be so depressed. I miss them all so much. She and her husband were so much fun. They had their own style of doing everything. They’re so great and we all enjoyed being with them.
Yesterday when I heard her voice on the phone I was thrilled. I even got to hear the voice of her little baby boys fighting. They’re being so naughty, but they’re so cute, may God protect them all. They’re such a wonderful family.
Can’t wait to see them. Don’t care where, just want to see them.

The funny part of last night’s phone call was when I asked Amani about Ramadan in Canada. I was feeling sorry for her assuming that Ramadan has no taste in their part of the world. After her reply, I felt sorry for myself :P
She told me that they have everything, Ramadan sweets (atayif), middle-eastern cheese, makdous, and to those who live in Jordan, can you imagine that they sell “ta7ina & jameed al kasee7” in Canada?! LOL! I couldn’t hold my laughs when she told me. I mean, we’re in an Arabic country and we don’t have all those middle-eastern delights :P

Ah, Amani, I wish you and your family the best of luck, great health, and the top of happiness.
And I want you to know that you become more beautiful with every year added to your life. Happy Birthday and 3o2bal 100 saneh :)