Thursday, October 28, 2004

Work Diaries (10): My Boss On Stage!

Remember the INSAT party I talked about a couple of days ago! It was yesterday, my husband and I went. Besides the fact that this party is to collect money for the Tunisian Association for fighting AIDS and the sexually transmittable diseases, all I knew was that my boss was involved in a way. Before the party he told me: “Eman, we’re going to throw a party for the association. I’d appreciate it if you can show up. Actually, it’d be BETTER if you show up, since we’re involved”. Now what I understood in this “we” he kept saying, was “we” as in “the company”. Anyway, my husband and I went to the party, which took place in INSAT, a beautiful faculty of science, really big, and very nice decorated. They gave us the program of the party, some brochures, and a red ribbon to put on before we enter. To my surprise, the place was almost full. I didn’t think it was a big party. Anyway, we got ourselves a couple of nice-located seats and I started looking for my boss in the crowd, but couldn’t find him. Few minutes later I spotted his brother in the participants’ room behind the stage, knowing that he’s a tv producer, I thought he might be supervising the whole thing. Anyway, we kept tracing him till we found my boss, also in the participants’ room. Which was normal, I mean, if his brother is in a cosy room, where else would he be?! My boss went out of the room, to say hi to a “very important client” of ours, in the first or second row. After arguing whether it was the right time to go say hi to my boss, my husband and I made up our minds and head straight to the room. On our way, the speakers went on, participants were taking their places on stage AND MY BOSS WAS ON STAGE WITH A VIOLIN IN HIS HANDS!!! I thought he was holding it for a friend in the band, but NO, he was holding a BOW and was looking at the notes of the musical pieces!
We were almost there, we couldn’t return to our seats without saying hi to him, so we did. I was really shocked, and to add to my astonishment my boss’ brother took a place in the opposite corner and stood there with his CELLO!
It turned out, when my boss said “we”, he actually meant himself and the musical band he trains with, which mostly consists of university professors who teach in INSAT!
They played great music, some of them sang old songs, and it was really nice. It’s true that there were times when my husband and I couldn’t take our eyes off of our watches, waiting for it to end. But it was the fault of some few bad voices.
As for my boss, seems like he’s in love with violin and looks like he’s been training really hard, coz he played pretty good. And he looked so peaceful and calm, exactly like the person I deal with every day in the office :P
Two incidents made me laugh like crazy yesterday, the first was when a kid shouted out loud at the end of the 2nd musical piece: “DADDY, ENOUGH PLAYING, COME ON, LET’S GO!”, the poor kid didn’t know there were still more 15 to go.
And the second was when a lady went nutts in the last song and danced like crazy in front of the people of the 1st row, LOL! She wasn’t embarrassed that all VIP’s in the 1st row were looking at her angrily, and her little daughter gave her one hell of a support. She’s not older than 5 years and she was dancing as fast and as professional as her mommy :P That was really funny.
All in all, it was a nice party, and it was well-organized. Not to mention the great fact that a decent amount of money would be going to aid victims of AIDS.
Hoping we’ll see more similar activities to help all those in need.