Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Time: Is It Money!

The first time I heard “Time Is Money” was in a movie, I was still a kid and understood that it was mostly said by businessmen who believe that every passing minute means a chance for making more money, and wasting time, therefore, will result in wasting these “big” chances.
Nowadays “Time Is Money” is said not only by the rich, but also by the poor. The poor people who will be satisfied with any penny coming their way. Yes, to them too, time is money, every passing minute might bring them a chance to feed their hungry stomachs; every passing minute may bring them a bill to be paid. Time for them revolves around money… mostly the kind of money to be paid not earned. Time for them is either a chance to survive, or a disaster to kick them out of this one small about-to-fall room, why? Because the owner of this room ALSO believes that “Time Is Money”, why waste it on a bunch of poor people when there are ones who are ready to pay the rent -maybe double the rent- on time?!
If only there is mercy and understanding in this world. If only we can feel for each other, help each other and respect the circumstances of each other like we once used to. If only the employers judge by qualifications and personalities rather than judging by connections and looks.
If this happens, I’m sure this world will be a better place to live in. Smiles of satisfaction will be seen more often, beggars will no longer exist, and I wont be watching all these innocent children working as hard as grownups instead of being where they belong: in schools, beside their friends, learning, interacting, living their childhood and being prepared to be healthy, constructive and happy members of the grownup society.
Wishing wont do anything in this cruel world. Let us all act, let us all do whatever we can according to our personal environment and our own circumstances.
Donate money, give away old clothes, buy someone a meal, save a plate of your lunch for someone in need, volunteer in a help organization…the list goes on. There is always something each one of us could do for sure, doesn’t matter if big or small, a good deed is a good deed. Let your good intentions break free and be sure that your good deeds will not only help others, but will also help you feel the bless of being human, and the power an individual possesses in making a big change in the whole world.
It’s not too late to convince the world that time has never been only about money, time is what we make of it…