Friday, October 15, 2004

Ramadan Reflection

Behind all, is a constant One
His radiance pales the shinning sun
But we do not see Him through our veils
Our lower self's winds fill our sails
We spend our days chasing the shadow show
From hence life came we do not know
But soon death will knock at our door
And we will have to look some more
At where we have come and where are we going
And what our actions in this life are sowing
Is what we are doing leading to know Him?
Or are we following every passing whim?
To witness His names and attain true being
Requires awareness, the true art of seeing
It takes remembrance of the reality
For knowledge, light and solemnity
To lift the veils of the shadow show
To see things as they are and come to know
So take the mantle of doing without
And restrict the self and have no doubt
That from denial comes relief
To see the truth behind every leaf
For hidden within us is the universe
The Qur`an unveils it verse after verse
So rejoice it is Ramadan take to the fast!
For this month of barakat will not last
Soon the month of fasting will fly away
And all the habits that we have kept at bay
Will come forward to have their appetites display
Without restriction of the Ramadan day
But for all those of subtle light
Those whom have attained inner delight
Will make their fast last all the year
Making their lives so precious and dear
For they are the true ones that have found the treasure
That all life comes in a clear balance and measure
So seek His knowledge and turn away from the plight
To rejoice in the splendor of His eternal Light.
-By Hajj Mustafa Ali-

Ramadan Kareem to all of you :)