Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Raed’s Humanitarian Campaign

With the withdrawal of most of the foreign humanitarian organizations from Iraq, and the incapability of the Iraqi “government” of funding itself much less funding local groups or organizations, the humanitarian crisis in Iraq is getting more serious.
Raed and his family members have decided to start a small individual humanitarian campaign for a month (maybe they’ll extend it) for buying basic things like some medical stuff, food, blankets, and other necessities and send them directly to hospitals in the most affected cities and towns. They will try to work under the supervision of one of the few functioning NGOs in Iraq (e.g. Occupation Watch, or others) to give more transparency to this small campaign. Their working plan is as follows:
*Money will be donated through PAYPAL to Raed’s account, (, and will be reported on his blog frequently.
*His brother Majid will collect the money from Victoria in Canada and wire it to Raed in Jordan through Raed’s bank account.
*Raed will buy everything from Jordan, and publish the receipts on his blog.
* Raed will send things to his family in Baghdad, where they will send it in turn to hospitals depending on the priority and accessibility of the towns and cities.
*They will get official papers from the hospitals to insure they received the certain amount of supplements; they will publish them on their blogs too.
*They’ll publish a financial break down at the end of the month (end of Nov.)
You can send money from your credit cards too; even small amounts of money can do much in Iraq.

I believe this is a very impressive and helpful act. Iraq and its good people need our help to survive. Raed and his family opened the door for us. Rescue a soul, donate whatever you can.
And thank you Raed, and thanks to your family, for taking such a wonderful step. Good Luck!