Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Pornography & Wireless Web Services!

Mobile phone users around the world will spend $1 billion a year on pornography sent to their handsets by 2008, which may boost the wireless services sector much as it fueled growth in the fixed-line Internet, a market research firm said. Mobile operators, which are struggling to drive up data traffic as a new source of revenue, have so far been reluctant to cash in on the opportunity, although many industry experts consider pornography to have been the first profitable service offered on the fixed-line Internet in the second half of the 1990s. More…
I personally believe this is just pathetic and stupid. People are going out of their minds. They’re doing anything to make more money, putting aside all negative consequences. HOW DISGUSTING! This is going too far. Porn is found on TV, internet, videos, cinemas, streets, clubs, bars… it’s EVERYWHERE! I consider this disrespect to human dignity, they’re dealing with people as animals, and we, people deserve it, because we’re peacefully watching porn being spread so easily without doing anything about it. All we’re good at is complaining. We complain about the intolerable sad condition our society has reached. Diseases, crimes, wrong behavior from older and younger generations…etc. I feel sick, I really do. People are forgetting about everything for few minutes of pleasure. To satisfy their desires they go for the easier way, they no longer care about anything. As long as they can afford it, they want to “enjoy their lives”, and to hell with everything else.
Why don’t people enjoy their lives the right way?! The way that protects their health, and their self-respect. Why did people become obsessed with sex? Because they’re empty! They think like machines. They live to eat, make money and satisfy their desires. They do this while widely shutting their eyes, and while limiting themselves to the easy cheap options. Unfortunately, this is what life is all about for most of the human beings, what a shame!