Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Between Sohour & Iftar :)

It’s been really hot the past few days. Totally unexpected for the weather in the end of October. But Thank God, last night it rained for a very long time. It got so cool in the evening, and when we woke up this morning the weather was so beautiful. Sky is clear, air is fresh, it’s amazing. Actually I find such a beautiful weather so tempting :P I’m in my office, wishing I’d be out for a nice walk. Ah! Wouldn’t that be wonderful!.

Ramadan is just great. Although I’m the kind of people who get hungry really fast. The funny thing is, we wake up at 4 a.m. every day for sohour. So we have about an hour of eating before it’s time for the morning prayer :P and I do eat in sohour more than I do in Iftar. Then we wake up at 7:10 a.m. to get ready for work, which is about two hours from sohour, but still, when I wake up, I feel really hungry :P. At around 10 I call my husband and go like: I’m STARVING!
When it’s Iftar, I feel like eating only soup and some fatty fried “yummies” ;) yes, I don’t always feel like the main dish, which I cooked with such a passion. And after Iftar I go sweets’ crazy, lol! Yes, I feel like chocolates, dates, middle-eastern and Tunisian sweets. Oh, and I just love eating those with a hot cup of tea, or coffee.
Ramadan is such a bless. Everything in it feels better. It’s so peaceful, and gives the person a chance to get back on the right track and become closer to God. Thinking of it, sometimes I say to myself: old days were better. People were all sticking to their religion, praying, fasting, and helping others. It wasn’t such a burden to fast, you’d find all people respecting each others’ religions. But nowadays, and although we have everything made easier, transportation, communication, work, and almost everything, people are always complaining. The easier life gets, the more difficult it becomes for people to practice their religion, and to stick to its rules. Weird!
Unfortunately, the number of Muslims who do not fast is increasing. Not only this, but they also have no problem with eating in public, which I find disrespecting. I believe in personal freedom, but I also believe that if an action will affect the public negatively, then it’s no longer freedom of the individual, it becomes a public matter. We were out shopping the other day, and foreigners were on the counters of fast-food restaurants buying takeaway lunch meals, while Arab Muslims were so freely eating their meals in public without the least sense of respect to others. This is such a shame. If you don’t want to fast, it’s between you and God, you’re responsible for your own acts. But don’t disrespect or offend others by your acts, do it in private, although I feel sorry for all who can’t stick to a religion they say they belong to.

Anyway, today while having sohour, I felt like talking :P so I kept talking and talking to my husband, I was so awake, and was enjoying my meal so much that the Athan of morning prayer started before I drank my cup of water :( yes, I’m dead thirsty! And watching the lake from my window, I feel like throwing myself inside it and drinking it all up :P
I hope weather is beautiful in your part of the world. Wishing you all a great happy day…