Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Work Diaries (9): Back to my cell :D

I spent whole 3 weeks away from work. No work, no pressure, no deadlines, nothing. Just good time and plenty of fun. But the great vacation had to come to an end, and here I am back in my work cell. Once again, I’m trapped in an office with nothing to hear but the sound of my keyboard typing, a mouse click, a print coming out of my dear friend the printer, and the shouting of the annoying noisy out-of-paper fax machine. Not to forget the ringing phone, which seems to love keeping me company that it rings every 5 minutes! Today a new soundtrack has been added: the “lovely” noise coming from the people working on this new building opposite to ours.
Of course my desk gave me a very “warm” welcoming, it missed too much that it overloaded itself with paper for me to work on to guarantee I never leave it again!
God, work sucks, I’m still in the mood for relaxation and a warm family environment surrounding me. I can still smell the trees in our street and taste the yummy cooking of my dear mother. I can still hear dad’s precious pieces of advice and the really loud laughs coming from my bro and sis after a joke one of us told or a silly dance we created… well, work is not as bad as it may seem, right! Specially when you feel you’re in the wrong place, filling the wrong position in the wrong company :P not to forget having just the right kind of employer giving you instructions in the right time, as he believes!
When I got back to work I didn’t know where to start, I found piles of files, a 120 email to reply to, and more than 10 urgent reports to be done. I sorted out my priorities after discussing them with my boss and started working. But seems like my boss is a record-breaker when it come to changing his mind. He gave me a thing to do and said: “this should be your #1 priority, forget about everything else for the time being”. After 15 minutes he came back again and said: “forget about that and start working on this, if I come to you later on and ask you to do anything else, just IGNORE me”. 20 minutes later he came and gave me a new thing to do, so I just took the papers and put them aside till I’m done with what I’m doing. He called me in 10 minutes asking about the papers he gave me last, so I told him I just “ignored” them -as he advised- till I’m done with my #1 priority. He came to me and explained that I should work on the last papers he gave me, they’re the most urgent. So I had no choice but to follow the orders. 15 minutes later he came AGAIN, asking me to double-check a report, he told me to leave everything and do it. So I left everything, and started double checking it. After 20 minutes he came ONCE AGAIN and asked me to stop checking the report, leave everything and start entering data in a software after I get it upgraded. So I just left EVERYTHING, went to the office kitchenette, made myself a cup of tea, got myself a piece of chocolate, got back to my office, and started writing this post :)