Monday, September 27, 2004

Meeting Friends in Jordan

Friendship is one of the greatest blessings in life. My true friends are relatively few, and I wanted to meet them all. Our vacation was flying by so fast, and we had a full program every day. To be able to meet all those I know and spend time with my friends, mom suggested I set a day to gather them all at home, and suggested the same for my husband, but it never worked with him because of the extremely different schedules of all his friends. It was a great achievement he could simply meet them for an hour or so :)
Anyway, I found out that most of my friends were hard to reach, some moved and I had their new numbers in my phonebook which I left in Tunisia, some were traveling on vacation and others couldn’t make it to the gathering, neither did it work out for us to meet any other time. But I enjoyed myself in the gathering, tried to catch up with all their news and well, it was great being with them again.
Among my really good friends are some people who are of my parents age, that’s true, they’re old, yet they know me since childhood, they’ve been there for me in good and bad, and I feel like they’re my families too. And when I’m with them, I see love and concern in their eyes.
On our day of arrival:
We got to meet Marwan (a close friend of my brother and sister who are in Canada now). This person is more like a brother than a friend, we all count him and his parents members of our family. He’s been out of Jordan for more than 4 years, haven’t seen him since then, but this time we met him with his wife :). Unfortunately he and his wife had to leave next morning. So we saw them only once. We recalled the memories of the past, and introduced his wife to the other part of her husband, the part which made him count as a brother :) I missed my bro and sis so much, it didn’t feel right not to have them with us.
The Tea-Party :)
I got a great chance to know one of my husband’s friends: Saqf, whom I only knew by face. We went over to his place and had great time together. We had the honor of meeting his dad, who was so friendly and hospitable. I enjoyed talking to him, he and my dad share a lot of similarities :) Now being a person who loves candles, natural atmosphere, plants, and tea, Saqf’s place was just perfect for me and helped me not to feel as a stranger with my husband and his good old friend :) But then again, the place alone isn’t enough to make a person feel comfortable, the person in that place plays a very important role, and God knows the person of this place is as great as a best friend could ever be. It was great to watch my husband enjoying his time and remembering the old days with his friend. It was so fun knowing the hidden sides of my husband as well :P We laughed a lot that day… And although before we went, my husband told me that his friend loves tea, but I never expected what I’ve seen :) Never seen such a huge collection of different kinds of tea, never seen someone who enjoys every little bit of making tea and serving it, and all those books about tea, its benefits and its making, that was so great. He prepares tea with such a passion :) Oh and on that day a miracle happened in front of my eyes. My husband, who loves hot drinks extremely sweet, he actually drank a whole cup of tea with NO ADDED SUGAR! That was the first –and probably the last- cup of no-sugar tea for him ;) I loved getting familiar with the many kinds of tea, smelling them, and trying out as much as our time enabled us to. I also enjoyed the carrot cake, as if they knew I adore carrot and that carrot cakes are of my favorites :) It was a great visit, we were supposed to meet a couple of friends there too, but they couldn’t make it, hard luck for us, maybe next time :)
On our day of departure:
The great news is, my friend (since school days) Noura will be having a baby any minute, and despite her work, and her pregnancy condition, she came to meet me an hour before I left to the airport to say goodbye. It was great of her, and it was even greater to see her about to have a baby. I was truly happy for her, she’s such a wonderful person. I wished she’d have her baby while I was there, but it didn’t work :P Can’t wait to see pics of her baby :)
She’s like a sister to me and my family loves her too. I took pics of her and talked as much as I could with her, but time wasn’t enough for a long detailed chat.

I was planning to meet my friends who I used to work with, but it didn’t work. I wish next time our vacation will be longer so that I’ll get to see everybody and catch up with everything in their lives :)