Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Jordanian Specialist Foot Care Center- Scholl

Among the many places I love in Jordan, there is one place I can never miss visiting no matter how short my vacation is. I’m talking here about the Jordanian Specialist Foot Care Center, which was formerly called Scholl.
This center is one of the best when it comes to taking care of your feet from A-Z. Whether healthy or not, whether taken care of or not, the center is just the perfect place for you to have new-born healthy feet to guarantee an out of this world feeling. I don’t know about you, but when it comes to me, taking care of feet is not only a must, but also a joy. Since our feet bear our weight and take part in most of our body efforts, adding to this the fact that our feet have a big amount of nerves related to all other body parts, all of this makes a little bit of care and some pampering result in a very comforting, very refreshing and very relaxing feeling.
First I heard of Scholl products many years ago through my big bro. As for the center, I didn’t discover it, mom did. I tried it out, loved it and I keep going to it whenever I have the chance. Actually I was lucky enough to have my second work place in Jordan next to this center. I always went there after work or in my breaks. Taking care of your feet blows away exhaustion and makes you feel lighter, don’t know how, but after a nice foot massage, or an hour of foot care, it just feels like you’re so light…
In this time’s visit to Amman, I was so happy to find the center improving to the better –just like Amman itself :) – the equipment, the specialists, the services, the products, and everything. The center consists of 2 levels, the first is mainly for selling medical feet products, such as shoes, crèmes, sprays, files…etc. And the second is divided into rooms that vary in size. Some are for foot massage (reflexology) which is simply AMAZING, and some are for foot care (pedicure), others are for body massage and total facial care and treatments. Plus a small section for beauty products for face, body and feet, like: masks, peeling products, brushes, washing sponges and stuff like that. And each room you get in has soft music playing, a low volume satellite channel showing on a TV opposite to you, some magazines next to you, a place to put your belongings on, and this whole bunch of equipment and products to be used. Both levels have a reception counter with extremely friendly, helpful employees with smiley faces :)
Other than that, the center provides consultation and treatment of most of the foot and back problems, without surgery.
I love all kinds of massage in general, let it be face, body or foot massage. And what I find pretty impressive is the massage being offered by both men and women. Women take care of women, and men take care of men, this might be discouraging for some of you :P but I personally love it, respect it, and encourage it.
The prices are affordable, very affordable actually. They give you brochures listing all services and their prices, which I find so practical and convenient :)
The specialists have a very good medical and scientific background,they’re all well trained with follow-up courses every now and then to check on their reliability, and to catch up with the new technologies and inventions in their fields.
Now I know there are many other places that offer great services, but what can I say, I’m in love with this center :) And all of you in Amman, or who will be in Amman soon, don’t forget to show your feet some respect and offer them some special care, they deserve it, and you deserve experiencing the great feeling of relaxation and happiness after an hour of pampering your tired feet... Trust me ;)